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Fourth Suburi

This is a practice of body movement.

The strike may be made with either a right or left step forward.

As the strike is completed, the leading hip must be well turned forward.

The Founder, Professor Morihei Ueshiba during practice

Movement to either the right or left out of the line of attack is accompanied by a covering of the head and side with your sword. As the motion is terminated, the sword is brought down in a vertical strike and a step forward is taken.


Sixth Suburi

No matter which foot is forward, an instant thrust is possible.

A strike with the right, for instance, is followed by a thrust moving the right foot forward accompaning the thrust.









A strike is made stepping forward with the right foot. This is followed by a step forward with the left foot accompanied by a thrust.

The Founder, Professor Morihei Ueshiba instructing a group of dancing teachers of the Hanayagi School at the old head quarters Dojo of Aikido, 1933.

Holding the Sword

Practice gripping the sword according to the strike exercise (Refer to page 45). This exercise is yonkyo.

The sword is gripped strongly with the little finger of the left hand. The fourth finger of the left hand holds firmly also. The other fingers of the left hand hold loosely. The right hand holds the sword in a loose manner.

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