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Shomen Uchi Shi-ho-nage

Omote waza (The Method of the Sword)

Evade attacks from front and rear. Cut your opponents in front and rear in one breath.

Aikido Basic Technique

Shomen Uchi Shi-ho-Nage —Omote waza (Method of the Body)

Do not throw your opponent by passing under his arms which are holding you. Throw him by raising the sword up.

Aikido Basic Technique

Shomen Uchi Shi-ho-nage —Ura waza

(Method of the Sword)

Aikido Technique Aikido Techniques Aikido Basic Technique


Aikido Technique

Shomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi

(The Method of the Sword)

In the case of being attacked from front and rear, the right foot takes a sweeping step to your rear, and you cut your opponent, who was at your rear, across the abdomen. Take a large sweeping step with the left foot and strike the wrist(or face) of the opponent now in front of you.

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How to Turn the Wrist

Begin closing your grip with the little fingers of each hand. Your right hand blends with the back of the opponent's.

Basic Aikido Exercises

Yokomen Uchi Shi-Hö-Nage

(Method of the Sword)


Yokomen Uchi Shi-ho-Nage

Aikido Kokyu Nage

In the basic technique, as the opponent strikes with his right hand, your right foot slides to the right sid^, and your left foot takes a large sweeping step back. At the same tiire, your left hand comes down on his right hand, and your right hand cuts down at an angle from his shoulder grasping his wrist. As you twist your hips,,the left hand grasps your opponent's and you advance your left leg forward. The hands are raised as if lifting a sword straight up, the body is turned, and the throw is accomplished by cutting down as with the sword. The left leg is swung alongside his body. Do not throw by withdrawing the right foot.

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Aikido Stretches

The Founder, Professor Morihei Ueshiba

Basic Aikido Exercises

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Aikido Basic TechniqueAikido Techniques

Kokyu-ho (Standard)

This is the same technique as raising a sword over the head.

Kokyu MovementAikido Basic Techniques Illustration

Kokyu-ho (Sitting)

As if you are holding a sword, part your hands, and lift both arms up forming a half circle. This develops your breath power.

Aikido Basic TechniqueAikido Basic Technique

Basic Method of Aiki-Jö

Aikido Basic Techniques Illustration

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