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the school established by Paul and Peggy. Aikido is one of the body and movement awareness disciplines taught at the center. The other disciplines focus on different aspects of movement and self-awareness, and it may be of interest to you to see how Aikido fits into the bigger picture. Some Aikidoists find that participating in these other movement classes or in private lessons improves their movement abilities and furthers their Aikido practice.

People come for body and movement awareness lessons to learn skills in the areas of relaxation and stress control, physical ease and economy of movement, emotional self-awareness and balance, and conflict resolution and communication. Many people come to enhance their personal growth and spiritual awareness, and many people come to enhance their professional, sports, art or business performance. Paul and Peggy have worked with people such as: Musicians, dancers, actors and artists. Bicyclists, runners, golfers and tennis players. Pregnant women. Construction workers and crafts people. Individuals with back and neck problems. Incest survivors and adult children of alcoholics. Physical therapists and massage therapists. Psychotherapists and clergy. Computer users, office workers, sales people and business executives.

Body and movement awareness lessons can span this broad range because body and movement are fundamental. Your body is the concrete aspect of your Self, and it is through movement that you act and live. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions shape and are shaped by your muscle tone, breathing, body alignment, energy flow, and the rhythms and qualities of your movement. By becoming more aware of your body and your movements, you can gain deeper understanding of yourself. By knowing your movements and yourself better, you can find new possibilities in your life. You can learn to move in a way that is relaxed, powerful, sensitive, efficient and comfortable. And this way of moving is a pointer toward an inner wholeness in which body, mind, energy and spirit are integrated, your heart is open and supported by grounded strength, and your power and gentleness are unified.

Whatever physical tasks people perform, they will do them better in the state of mind/body integration. And whatever emotional, inter-personal and spiritual tasks people face, they will handle them better in this state of integration.

BEING IN MOVEMENT® mindbody training uses movement experiments to help you develop a more conscious awareness of your patterns of muscle tone, breathing, posture, energy, and movement. As you develop this awareness, you will experience how your way of using your body is shaped by and shapes your thoughts feelings, beliefs, and intentions. You will improve your skills in such areas as relaxation and stress control, flexibility, stability, mobility, power, sensitivity, compassion, and communication. And you will learn how to access the state of mental, physical, and spiritual harmony and wholeness which is the basis for comfortable, effective functioning in any occupation or area of life.

FELDENKRAIS Awareness Through Movement® somatic education uses slow, gentle continuous movements to help you feel how to unify your whole body in fluid, strain-free spirals of movement. In the exercises, you will learn how to investigate your movements in a meditative, non-judgmental way. You will have the time and opportunity to feel how you habitually move and to discover how to free yourself from unconscious constrictions and limitations. Your body will become freer and more relaxed, and your movements will become more natural, coordinated, balanced, graceful and comfortable.

AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT (Inner Dance): Hidden within each of us are personal and archetypal energies that are unknown to us at a conscious level. We can allow these energies to unfold into intuitive, free-flowing movement by learning how to sensitize our selves to our inner impulses and let them set us in motion. This process of inner movement is a pathway into ourselves. It reveals to us our hidden depths and allows us to heal and become whole. As we move, we are observed by a silent witness. The presence of a witness intensifies our awareness of ourselves, and witnessing gives the observer the opportunity to discover what s/he brings to the act of perceiving.

LABAN MOVEMENT ANALYSIS: Rudolf Laban developed basic principles of effort, shape, and space harmony. These principles describe the many ways that the body can shape itself, project into space, and vary movement dynamics. Through LMA, you can gain insights into your personal movement style and increase your awareness of what movement communicates and expresses. LMA can be applied to the understanding of any area involving movement, such as performing arts, therapy, management consulting, education, and nonverbal communication research.

PRIVATE LESSONS are available by appointment and give people the opportunity for personal guidance in applying the skills of mind/body awareness and integration to the questions that are most important to them. Cultivating a physical/psychological state of relaxation, power and sensitivity is a foundation for improvement in physical tasks such as using a computer, playing golf or playing the piano, and it is a foundation for improvement in such psychological areas as assertiveness, conflict resolution or recovery from childhood abuse.

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