Attacks are often designated by naming the part of the body which is the focus of the attack and the action intended.

Tsuki a thrust or punch

Uchi a strike

Shime a squeeze or choke

Kosa dori cross hand grab

Katate tori one-handed grasp on one wrist

Ryote tori two-hands grasp, both wrists grasped

Morote dori & ryote mochi two-handed grasp on one wrist

Shomen uchi straight down strike to the top of the head

Yokomen uchi 45° strike to the side of the head

Mune tsuki (or tsuki) straight punch to the stomach or chest

(pronounced moo-net-ski)

Kata tori shoulder grab

Ryokata tori both shoulders grasped

Hiji tori elbow grab

Ushiro from behind

Eri tori collar grabbed from behind

Kubi shime neck choke

Mae geri front kick

Mawashi geri roundhouse kick

Yoko geri side kick

Thus Ushiro Katatetori Kubishimi refers to an attack from behind in which the attacker holds one of the defender's hands and simultaneously chokes the neck.

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