Beginners Handbook

Chief Instructors: Paul Linden, 5 th Dan Peggy Berger, 4th Dan

3003 Silver Drive Columbus, OH 43224 263-1111 • 262-3355 [email protected]

Welcome to Aikido of Columbus.

We are pleased to welcome you to our Aikido community.

Aikido is an inexhaustible source of wonder and enjoyment, but the practice may be very different from anything you have ever done before. The only way to understand Aikido is through physical practice, but this guide will help you begin to develop an understanding of Aikido and the way we practice the art. It will also provide answers to some of the questions that may arise for you as you observe Aikido or begin the practice of Aikido.

Once you start practicing, don't feel that you have to memorize the information in this beginner's handbook. It is here to help you, just in case you have some questions.

If you have any questions about what you are doing, seeing or feeling as you enter into the world of Aikido practice, ask. Ask the advanced students, or ask the instructors. Asking questions will help you understand what you are practicing.

Aikido: The Way of Harmonious Energy 2

Aikido: A Brief Etymology 3

What a Typical Class is Like 4

Common Questions About Aikido 5

Head Instructors 6

Columbus Center for Movement Studies 7

Practice Information 9

Policy on Blood-Borne Pathogens 11

Aikido as Physical Exercise 13

Centered Movement 14

Basic Hand and Foot patterns 15

What Can I Practice at Home? 17

Aikido Practice 20

Common Challenges 22

Dojo Participation & Meetings 24

Aikido Vocabulary 26

Aikido history 31

Memoir of the Master 37

Rank & Testing 40

Copyright © Paul Linden 1996

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