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The defenses are designated by naming the attack and then the action which constitutes the defense. Thus the name of one complete Aikido tehnique is Ushiro Katatetori Kubishimi Koshinage.

Nage throw

Irimi entering in a straight line

Omote to the front of uke

Ura to the rear of uke

Osae a pin

Soto outside

Uchi inside

Gaeshi reverse

Mawashi rotation

There are six take down-and-pin techniques:

Ikkyo (kote osae) Number one technique. (arm pin.)

Nikyo (kote mawashi) #2. Inward wrist twist. (wrist turning.)

Sankyo (kote hineri) #3. Vertical wrist twist. (wrist twist)

Yonko (tekubi osae) #4. Wrist pin, using pressure on the nerve.

Gokyo (ude nobashi) #5. Similar to ikkyo but for knife disarming.

(arm stretch.)

Royko #6. Similar to ikkyo but an arm bar to the elbow

There are a number of throws

Kote gaeshi

Kaiten nage

Shiho nage

Irimi nage

Tenchi nage

Juji garami or juji nage Koshi nage Aiki otoshi Sumi otoshi Ude garami with specific names: wrist twist rotary throw four corners throw entering throw

"ten" means "heaven" and "chi" means "Earth" The heaven - earth position of the hand has one hand high and the other low. entwined arms throw hip throw aiki drop, often against a rear bear hug corner drop arm entwined lock

The largest number of Aikido throws have no specific names but are known under the heading of kokyu nage:

Kokyu nage breath or timing throw. A throw which depends primarily on blending.

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