This is a very simple exercise. First, think of someone who really rubs you the wrong way. Notice the changes in your breathing, muscle tone and posture. Most people find that they experience hardening and shrinking in the breath and their whole body. Now, think of someone or something that makes your heart smile. Most people experience a softening and warmth, especially in their chest and breathing, but also throughout their whole body. The exercise is to hold in your mind/body the image/sensation of what makes your heart smile. As you become familiar with this softening and opening, you can practice it at any time.

  1. Massage
  2. Side bend

3. Forward bend


  1. Thigh stretch
  2. Thigh stretch
  3. Neck stretch
  4. Back arch
  5. Back arch

7. Chest to floor

. Same hand to ankle

9. Cross hand to ankle

. Same hand to ankle

9. Cross hand to ankle

  1. Chest to floor
  2. Spine twist
  3. Kneeling
  4. Six directions breathing exercise

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The Self Assessment Test

The Self Assessment Test

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