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Breath Modulation Tools

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Breathing Exercises

Sit in an upright position with your legs folded underneath you. The small of your back must be straight, the shoulders relaxed and your hands in your lap. Push your hands out to your front bringing them up and out so as to open your chest. At the same time, breathe deeply in through your nose. Your hands come back to catch the left hand in the right. Push your breath down below your navel. Hold this for a few seconds. Now blow your air out of your mouth whilst your hands are pushing forwards. Repeat this exercise four or five times before and after training.

Lets start Ki breathing fifteen minutes a day to begin

By doing Ki breathing fifteen minutes, 70 of carbon dioxide in your body is removed and your body is filled with oxygen. Please look at your hand at this moment. Your skin will have changed and become healthier. Continue this for at least two weeks. When you master deep breathing by doing Ki breathing, your daily breathing will also become deeper. Breathe out so that your breath travels infinitely to the end of the Universe, breathe in so that your breath reaches your one point and continues infinitely there. You breathe out and send your breath to the end of the Universe. Do not think your breath ends just in front of you. When you practice Ki breathing correctly, you will be able to send fresh Ki to your whole body. People who have heart diseases or serious diseases have difficulty taking long breaths. In this case, it is okay to practice breathing calmly. It is important not to force yourself but to breathe calmly in a way that you are comfortable. By doing...

To Toronto with James to meet Vladimir

Out on the mat I found the training in Systema to be very rigorous. It includes lots of pushups, situps, varied breathing exercises, and body strengthening exercises. Since it is so demanding, anyone who seriously trains will become very fit quickly. The techniques themselves are applied with wave and spiral-type motions which can transform into a cascade of follow-up movements depending on the reaction of the attacker. An important part of training time is devoted to light, sparring exercises that are quite enjoyable and constantly challenge you to resist the temptation to use power. Systema techniques performed at the highest level use only the minimum amount of energy and operate largely on a mental psychic plane. Also, the variety of training scenarios is vast ranging from empty-handed attacks, to the use of various street and military weapons, multiple attacks, car-jackings, bodyguarding work, etc.

Exhale naturally Inhale naturally

If you stop your breath by yourself, your body will tense. If you tense your body, it is difficult to breathe and you cannot continue it for a long time. If you control exhalation and hold your breath, air will not come in to you naturally. This is one of the reasons why many people feel inhaling is more difficult than exhalation. If you have trouble breathing, there is probably something incorrect with your breathing. In this case, you should not bear it. You should review your posture with oneness of mind and body. Then, return to the starting point. In addition to that, please check if you really exhale and inhale naturally using Ki tests. If you exhale and breathe in unnaturally, you will feel tension in your body. If you are tested, you will know your posture is unstable. Mind moves body Therefore, body will never become tense if mind is relaxed. If your body becomes tense during Ki breathing, your mind is doing something unnatural. An example is if you try to control your breath...

Russian Health Method

Vladimir also practices a Russian health system that was developed by a philosopher named Porfiri Ivanov. This method was also a part of his training while serving in the Special Operations Unit in the Russian Army. The premise of this approach is to anticipate physical problems before they occur and stimulate the body's immune system to ward off disease. Great care is taken to prevent the body and mind from reaching a state of exhaustion. Special breathing exercises and daily cold-water dowsing are used to energize the body and are important parts of this health method.

Live with plus Ki Know your state of mind

When we are in a state of minus mind, we do not realize it by ourselves. Before trying to keep plus mind, you should know your state of mind correctly. Ki breathing is important to know yourself. If you do Ki breathing everyday, your breath becomes calm, and your mind also becomes calm.

Six Directions Breathing

In the exercise, you will aim your breath as you exhale. By practicing intending to breathe radiantly outward in a number of directions, you will actually open and balance your body. As you practice this exercise and gain skill with the breathing, you will find it productive to aim your breathe farther and farther away.

Breathing with oneness of mind and body

Many of you might hold your breath without being aware. If you do Ki test at this moment, you will know that if you tense your body, your posture is unstable. Let's do another exercise. This time, let's try dead relaxation. Drop your shoulders like when you are disappointed and let your back bend. How is your breathing at this moment Yes, it is difficult to breathe because internal organs are pressed. Therefore, you can feel your breath becomes shallow. When you


A good idea is to start with the neck, rotating the head first in one direction, then the other bending the head sideways, then forward and back finally twisting it from side to side. Work systematically down through the body, rotating the arms to loosen the shoulders bending sideways, forward and backward twisting the trunk rotating the hips stretching and spreading the legs rotating the knees and ankles and, finally, shaking the limbs loosely in order to relax muscles and joints. Deep breathing may be added at the end of a session.

Exhale calmly

When you exhale, if you imagine that your breath in the head goes first, then chest, back, leg, tiptoe in order, it is easy for you to exhale. However, you should not think of this except when you are beginning. Once you understand that breathing is not just your chest or lungs but the whole body breathing, you can exhale comfortably. Open your mouth naturally in a position that you can say a . Exhale so that you can visualize your breath going straight forward making the sound Ha . The sound should not be loud but very calm and relaxed. It is important to exhale naturally. You should not be thinking about how long your exhale or inhale is. If you think about these things your body will become tense.

Breathe in naturally

Imagine that your breath fills up your body first to your toes, then leg, hip, chest, and Breathe in calmly and just let your breath go. The breath becomes infinitely calm. When your breath becomes calm enough, return to the original position. At that time, you will feel air completely filling your body up to your head. At this time, count one, two, three . When your breath becomes calm, open your mouth and start to exhale.

Exhale naturally

We naturally breathe when we are alive. If you hold your breath, your body becomes tense. If your body is tense, blood vessels contract creating poor blood circulation. If you exhale and let it continue, your breath becomes infinitely calm, leave your mouth open. When you think your exhale is naturally at an end, move your upper body slightly forward and let out one last breath. You should not hold your breath intentionally, but it is important to have your breath stop naturally. Count, one, two, three as you end your breath. Your body should remain slightly forward as you close your mouth, begin your inhale naturally, thinking from the tip of your nose.