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Sometimes it is difficult to sleep when we have an important event or worry. As everyone will agree, if we do not take a little time for sleep, the body may be unable to go on. Sometimes people try to sleep, and find it difficult to do so.

When this happens, take thirty minutes or so and practice Ki breathing. If you cannot spare that much time, it is okay to lie down and practice Ki breathing.

If you do Ki breathing before you sleep, you can change your subconscious mind to plus. Therefore, your fortune will change in favorable ways. Your subconscious mind goes through changes when you are sleeping.

When we are awake, conscious mind is mainly active. When we sleep, subconscious mind is mainly active. Therefore, the deep part of the mind will be changed during your sleep.

If we clean up our body before going to bed, we would like to also clean up our inner body. Clean up inner body, is to clean up our organs and bowels. The way we can clean up organs and bowel is Ki breathing. When we clean up our inner body, we also clean up mind.

If we do Ki breathing before going to bed, we can digest foods completely during sleep. A lively exchange between ourselves and Ki of the Universe will enable us to wake up full of energy the next morning. If you do not rest well, your body will not have an opportunity to cleanse itself.

In addition to that, the reason I recommend you to do Ki breathing before going to bed is because the day does not start when you awaken, rather it has already begun before you go to bed. Therefore, Ki breathing before going to bed is preparation of the next day.

If you practice Ki breathing every night, you will be able to sleep anytime when you want to. You will think much more clearly than when you try to use a tired brain. Take five or ten minutes out to sleep for a while.

Anyone who cannot sleep well will envy the man who says, "Excuse me a while," and can drop off for a brief nap.

To be able to sleep whenever you like requires a special technique and is an important element in good health.

Take a meal in gratitude for the Universe

We must eat to keep our health. Similar to sleeping, modern people tend to place a low value on eating.

Good cooking ingredients, balanced nutrition, and cooking methods are important elements. More important is to receive Ki through eating things in the Universe. Life exists, not only in animals, but in every tree, each blade of grassm and all living things. We can maintain our life by eating those living things. If we understand this, we should naturally have gratitude to the Universe before eating foods. However, most of the people forget about this truth and they think only of eating food. There are some people who take a lot of foods at a buffet, and do not eat all of it. If they think that by paying money they can waste foods, it would not be an exaggeration to say that their attitude towards food ignores the Universal Principles. The most important thing when we have a meal is send Ki to the meal. If you send Ki to the foods, you are in appreciation of the Universe and the cook. By using your mind clearly, you digest food well. We appreciate and enjoy the meal more. This is because we extend Ki and are able to taste the food well.

Sometimes I see people who are eating a meal and reading a newspaper or magazine. Their mind goes to the newspaper or magazine, therefore, they do not send Ki to the meal. In this case, people cannot taste well and do not feel if they have eaten foods or not. In this state, there is no gratitude for the Universe or the cook. In this instance, Ki is disconnected and interaction of Ki of the Universe is prevented and you lose mind and body coordination.

There are many kinds of supplements nowadays. I think one of the reasons people look to supplements too much is due to their lack of trust in foods. It comes not only from lack of trust and safety in foods, but from a lack of understanding of the nature of the food they eat.

It is essential to eat foods to keep mind and body healthy. Eating foods with gratitude to the Universe allows you to receive the Ki of the Universe into your body.

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