Breathe the Ki of the Universe through your body

Our lives are like the amount of water we might take from the great sea and hold in our hands. We call this "I". Yes, it is the same as calling the water our water because we hold it in our hands. On the other hand, from the standpoint of the water, it is a part of the great sea. Although if we open our hands the water will fall back to the sea, even as it remains in our hands it is in conflux with the outer great sea. If we refuse to let the water flow with its own, it will go stale.

Our lives are part of the universal ki enclosed in the flesh of out bodies. Though we say that this is "I," viewed with the eyes of the mind, it is actually the ki of the universal. Even though that ki is encased in flesh, it is in conflux with and active as a part of the universal. When we breathe, we breathe the ki of the universal in with our entire body. When the conflux of our ki and that of the universal is unimpaired, we are in good health and are lively.

We live in harmony with the Universe.

Harmony means to interact with the Ki of the Universe.

Breathing is important to keep this harmony. We breathe the Ki of the Universe throughout our body.

Ki Breathing is to activate and interchange with the Ki of the Universe. This is the best way to activate your life power and keep your health.

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