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Let's talk about how to do Ki breathing.

The most important thing is to practice oneness of mind and body. The correct posture is a natural posture when you do Ki brathing.

Natural posture means our mind and body are one with the Universe. It is a more comfortable and stable posture. The problem arises when you have difficulty understanding what is oneness of mind and body.

I have taught you in previous chapters how to do this. Anyone can check the state of oneness of mind and body through Ki test.

Before starting Ki breathing, let's do a simple exercise.

First, please tense your body from the top of your head to the tiptoe.

Furrow your brow, stare hard, clamp your teeth shut, tense your shoulder and chest, tense your arm, put strength in your lower abdomen, and tense your legs. How is your breathing at this moment?

Many of you might hold your breath without being aware. If you do Ki test at this moment, you will know that if you tense your body, your posture is unstable. Let's do another exercise. This time, let's try dead relaxation. Drop your shoulders like when you are disappointed and let your back bend.

How is your breathing at this moment? Yes, it is difficult to breathe because internal organs are pressed. Therefore, you can feel your breath becomes shallow. When you do Ki test, you will understand that dead relaxation is an unstable posture.

Many people know that relaxation is important to their health. Not many people know that there is a difference between correct relaxation and dead relaxation.

When you do Ki breathing, it is important to do Ki breathing with oneness of mind and body rather than just physically.

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