Change everything around you to plus

Both a plus and minus thinking method apply to practically everything. For instance, a person might see a few of his friends talking together. The person with a plus attitude will think nothing of it. The person with a minus attitude will immediately wonder if perhaps they are saying something bad about him. By thinking more than is necessary about such things this negative person's attitude will become more and more negative.

It is important to realize that plus attracts plus and minus attracts minus. If you are in a minus frame of mind, you will think minus, do minus, and change everything around you to minus. Because minus calls minus, if one thing goes bad, everything will look bad. If you fight with your wife when you leave the house in the morning, the whole day will go wrong.

Let one ill-tempered person come in to a group of four or five who are happily chatting together, and everyone will go silent and gloomy because that one person's minus is powerful enough to change everything around him to minus.

On the contrary, if your Ki is plus, your thoughts, deeds, and everything around you will be plus also.

When you are plus, you are happy in everything. Even if you are in a difficult situation, you can maintain calmness. Your plus mind calls plus, everything goes well.

"Happiness comes in through a laughing gate". This is a Japanese saying. Laughing is plus Ki. This saying means that plus calls plus, and happiness will come to you. A person with a strongly plus nature enlivens a group of four or five people talking. Because his powerful plus is able to change his surroundings to plus.

It is said that "A brave general has no cowardly soldiers." Because his powerful plus infuses his men with courage. On the other hand, a cowardly general will infect even his brave men with the same disease.

If we are interested in making the whole world and all of society brighter, not just ourselves alone, we must individually develop our own plus attributes and with them attempt to change everything around us to plus.

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