Concentrate your mind at the One point in the lower abdomen

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Everybody knows it is important to calm ones own mind. Well, where should we calm our own mind?

This place is "one point in the lower abdomen" which I will describe.

People of the Orient, from ancient times, have placed emphasis on the importance of the lower abdomen (Seika-tanden in Japanese) as the birth place of true human strength.

They have also tended to practice a mistaken belief that simply concentrating physical strength in the lower abdomen would produce a powerful lower abdomen.

It is true that the lower abdomen is important, however, the lower abdomen is not the place to put physical strength. It is the place to calm your mind.

If you merely tense your lower abdomen, a chain reaction will cause you to tense your chest, too. And if you continue this for a long time, you will develop pains in your stomach and you will experience an elevated blood pressure.

You should not forget that mind moves body.

As the lower abdomen involves the concept of area, it is natural that if we concentrate in this area, we will become tense.

For this reason, I have selected one point in the lower abdomen where we cannot put strength and is an infinitely small one point. I call it the "one point in the lower abdomen (seika-no-itten in Japanese)".

All of the beginners misunderstand the one point in the lower abdomen to be located in a place too high in the lower abdomen. The one point is much lower than you think, about the height of your pubic bone. This is about several inches below the navel.

By calming your mind in the one point, you can develop a powerful lower abdomen without becoming tense. We call this process "oneness of mind", or "concentrated mind". By calming our minds in the one point in the lower abdomen, we can develop a powerful lower abdomen. And we will have balance.

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