Correct posture prevents diseases and other problem conditions

In daily life, anyone can have healthy life in mind and body if they can always maintain a correct posture. You might be surprised at hearing this. Or you might say that you cannot believe it. However, this is true. If you practice correct posture all the time, you will be able to prevent diseases and other problem conditions.

The length of a human being's blood vessels is 96,000 kilometer (about two and a half times around the earth). We have blood in our veins. Blood has a very crucial role.

Blood flow carries Oxygen and nutrition throughout our whole body. At the same time, blood gathers body wastes and carbonic anhydride. Materials are exchanged between blood and body tissue through blood capillaries.

Bad posture constricts blood flow, therefore, this becomes the cause of many diseases.

As a result, your life power will decline, you will get discouraged and have no power to bear many hardships.

Bad posture leads to the disorder of the mind and body. If children practice poor posture, when they get old , they will have problems with curvature of the spine. In this condition, it is natural that they will easily get diseases and experience other health problems.

What most people believe to be correct posture is in fact wrong. There are two types of wrong posture.

One is posture which is loosing Ki. Everyone can understand this as wrong posture. By practicing a hunched posture, internal organs are compressed. This constricts blood flow to the brain, you feel disoriented and your breathing becomes very shallow. If your breathe becomes shallow, it is easy to disturb your mind, which causes some people to become upset easily.

Another wrong posture is to tense your body. You might learn this posture at school or at the office known as "Ki o tsuke." When you do this, you straighten your back, throw back your shoulders and straighten your arm and leg. This posture is believed to be correct posture. Actually, this is wrong.

If you make your body tense, you feel tense. If you become tense, it compresses your blood vessels and constricts your blood flow. Unnatural posture makes unnatural movement, and this becomes the cause for other health problems. The correct posture is the posture which is the most comfortable, the most stable and which allows you to move anytime.

If the correct posture is a comfortable posture, you can maintain this posture all the time. When you practice this natural posture, it follows universal principles.

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