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Our living power brings us health. When we unify our mind and body and become one with the Universe, our living power will be activated. I showed you what is oneness of mind and body, and how to become one with mind and body in this book.

I have also explained Ki breathing and its benefits to your health and living with a healthy mind and body. Start Ki breathing from today.

I will ask you "to be healthy" at the end of the book.

There are many things that happen in our long life. A person who was weak in his childhood can became strong in his adulthood. Another man who was healthy until middle age can contract a disease.

Health of mind and body is affected by changes in our circumstances and living environment. Our mind and body is sometimes well, sometimes unhealthy.

Above all, you can live a healthy life for many years. Let us appreciate it and have confidence to live with oneness of mind and body.

It is impossible to measure health. You can find health through your life. You do not need to suffer comparing your health with others', or to the result of a medical diagnosis. No matter how things change, it is important to live in an age-appropriate way as the occasion may demand. This attitude will contribute to your health.

Your life has been changing through your life. Your life will continue to change continuously in the future. Your health will be changing also. If you have some worry about your health in the future, the worry might be because you cannot foresee your health. To eliminate your worry, practice Ki breathing.

Your breath reflects your changes. If you feel unhealthy, do Ki breathing and self-Kiatsu.

Continue Ki breathing with oneness of the Universe and calm. If you just do it, it will bring you healthy life.

I sincerely hope from my heart that you will use Ki for your health of mind and body through this book.

(calligraphy of

Five Principles for Ki Breathing" by Koichi Tohei sensei)

Five Principles for Ki Breathing

  1. Breathe out with the sound of HA, don't let your breath just leak out
  2. Breathe out as calmly and quietly as possible
  3. Breathe out the Ki of your head to the Ki of your toes
  4. Breathe in from the tip of your nose until your body is full of air
  5. Calm your mind infinitely smaller at the one point after inhaling

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