Exhale calmly

Next, let's practice how to exhale.

This is called "Koki" in Japanese. This means exhale carbon dioxide.

Beginners exhale only six or seven seconds because they are conscious of their chest and lungs. They tense their body unintentionally.

When you get off the bus, the bus driver says, "Please get off the bus from people near the exit first." When you get into a bus, the bus driver says, "Please be seated from the back of the bus."

Breathing is similar to this. When you exhale, if you imagine that your breath in the head goes first, then chest, back, leg, tiptoe in order, it is easy for you to exhale. However, you should not think of this except when you are beginning. Once you understand that breathing is not just your chest or lungs but the whole body breathing, you can exhale comfortably.

Open your mouth naturally in a position that you can say "a". Exhale so that you can visualize your breath going straight forward making the sound "Ha". The sound should not be loud but very calm and relaxed. It is important to exhale naturally. You should not be thinking about how long your exhale or inhale is. If you think about these things your body will become tense.

Some people become obsessed with the idea that they should exhale and inhale strongly.

When people try to exhale, they tense their body.

When you do Ki breathing, please exhale calmly and practice natural breathing.

If you exhale with dead relaxation, the exhale will be very weak.

It is important to do Ki breathing with oneness of mind and body. If you repeat exhaling several times, you will be able to exhale 15 or 20 seconds comfortably. First, please practice until you can exhale comfortably before working on inhaling. If you extend Ki, new Ki comes into you. In the same way, if you exhale completely, new air comes into your lungs naturally.

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