How to carry heavy baggage easily

Once you understand correct posture, it is important to practice this in your daily life. Your bad posture has been created by what you have practiced until now. For many, bad posture has already became a habit. To change your habit, the easiest way is to practice it in your daily life. Here is an example.

I am sure that you have carried heavy baggage in your daily life. There is a correct way and a wrong way to carry bags. Let's try the wrong example first.

In photo 1, she raises her left shoulder intentionally in order to carry a bag. And her right arm hang loosely because her bag is heavy. In addition, her chest is out, and her upper body is leaning back. Therefore, she carries the weight of the bags unnaturally. If you hold bags like this, your bags will feel very heavy, in addition your posture would be unnatural, which may cause injury to your back.

Next, let's stand with a correct posture. Please make sure to check your posture by Ki test.

Then, carry the bags. You can carry the bags easily and it will feel light in weight. (photo 2). Natural posture is stable and looks relaxed and natural. Please practice this correct posture when you go shopping, cleaning your room, or when performing activities in your daily life.

Photo 1; Her chest is out, and her upper body is leaning back.She raises her left shoulder intentionally in order to carry a bag.This is very unnatural posture.

Photo 2; Carry a bag with correct posture

Keeping a correct posture is the foundation for good health. Let's look at another example.

When people use computers or are watching TV, most people put their face forward a little. Let's try this posture for one minute.

You will realize that your neck and shoulder become fatigued. By putting your face forward just a little, the weight of your head presses on your shoulder and your shoulder becomes tense.

I preside over the Ki Society which is recognized by the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry in Japan. There are many visitors to the Ki Society that have problems with stiff shoulder and request assistance and counseling. By teaching self Kiatsu (healing with Ki) and correct posture, their stiff shoulder will improve and they will not have stiff shoulders recur again.

There are many disorders because of bad posture such as backache, knee ache, etc. By practicing correct posture, most of those disorders will disappear. By learning correct posture with oneness of mind and body, you can perform daily movements very easily.

If you nurse someone in a hospital or at home, this can be mentally and physically very hard on you. Many people who care for seniors or patients have backache and fatigue, therefore, they struggle with their own mental care. I hope they study this correct posture.

We have a seminar called "Ki for nursing people". What I teach in this seminar will help care givers by correcting their posture, thus making things much easier for them. Once your fatigue is gone, you can relax your mind. This will enable you to take care of your own mental health. Anyone can practice correct posture.

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