Human beings are one with the Universe

First, let's think together. Where did we come from?

Everyone answers we were born because our mother's egg was fertilized with the father's sperm.

Well, where did the sperm and egg come from?

First we need to understand, what was the beginning of human beings?

Not only human beings but everything has its beginning. Anything that has form must have a beginning. For example the sun is said to be blazing now, but there must have been a beginning of the fire. There must also have been a fire, before the fire started. If we trace the history of all things, we can only say that everything came from something invisible.

This is called "Mu" in Zen world. But this does not mean just nothing. This also means "there is nothing, but something exists".

If we think this way, our mind, body, sun, star, earth, animal, plants, everything was born from something invisible.

That is, everything came from infinitely small particles. Ki is the infinite gathering of infinitely small particles.

Mathematically speaking, the basic entity of mathematics is the number one. The earth is one. A pebble is one. If it is reduced by half, what remains is also one. If it is reduced by half infinitely, it does not become zero. If there is one, half of it always exists. Ki is the infinite gathering of infinitely small particles. In this way the sun, the stars, the earth, plants, animals, and human mind and body are all born of the ki of the universal.Ki is the essence of the Universe and it interacted in various ways which gave the universe its form. Then the Universe was created. We are one with the Universe. And our lives are part of the life of the Universe.

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