Kiatsu of the hip to remove pain in the lower back also practice good positioning of the hip

If you keep a correct posture, you will not get pain in the lower back unless you have other illnesses that cause you pain. Pain and feeling heavy in the lower back comes from a wrong posture or unnatural usage of your body.

If you feel something wrong with your lower back, you can ease the problem by doing Kiatsu. If you feel something wrong, try self Kiatsu soon.

To do Kiatsu on your hip, you do not have to lay down, but practice this sitting in a chair. By using both thumbs, put thumbs calmly where you feel pain or an uncomfortable feeling.

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After you do Kiatsu where you feel pain and around it, move your body slowly forward and backward without moving your thumbs. If you finish one place, move to another place and do the same thing.

Once you remove pain and the uncomfortable feeling in your hip, commit yourself to practicing a correct posture with oneness of mind and body. Posture with oneness of mind and body keeps you in good shape.

I explained to you how to do self Kiatsu briefly. Listen carefully to your body. If you find pain or something else wrong with your body, try self Kiatsu.

Also, maintain a correct posture. You can prevent many diseases by doing self-Kiatsu when you feel something is wrong.

It is not a bad thing to consult a doctor. However, before relying on medical care or medicine, it is important to do what you can do by yourself now and in the future. This is good for your health.

If self-kiatsu does not work well for you, your posture is unnatural so you are using unnecessary tension. This state is called, "Ki is not extending."

The basic of self Kiatsu is oneness of mind and body. Therefore, before you start self Kiatsu, it is good to check your posture if it is natural and stable.

We have life power. As medicine is ineffective for a dead person, we should not forget that medicine itself does not cure diseases but life power does. Self-Kiatsu activates the life power.

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