Kiatsu of the legs to improve excessive sensitivity to cold insomnia and poor blood circulation

"Keep the head cool, keep the feet warm"

This is often said referring to your basic health. Cold feet are not good for our health.

If you have cold feet caused by excessive sensitivity to cold, try this Kiatsu.

First, lay down on your back. Arrange the three middle fingers together and put them lightly on the inguinal area. Find the place where you can feel your pulse and send Ki there.

Put your fingers calmly and count to 100. After counting to 100, release your fingers from the inguinal area and rest your fingers. Next try the same thing once more counting to 100. After this, do this one more time.

This Kiatsu takes about five minutes. The more you send Ki, the more your feet will become warm.

People who suffer from insomnia or have swollen feet need to do Kiatsu before going to bed. If you do Kiatsu on the legs and stomach both, it will help your circulation alot. If you do this Kiatsu everyday, you will never have cold feet.

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