Kiatsu of the shoulder To ease stiff shoulders to facilitate plus mind

Frozen shoulder was common among people in their 40s and 50s. There are many people who suffer from stiff shoulder at any age. If we maintain a correct posture, we can be free from stiff shoulders and pain. An unnatural posture can become the cause of stiff shoulders. Stiff shoulders make blood circulation poor, and can have an adverse effect on our head and eyes immediately.

If you feel stiffness during your work, try self Kiatsu. It will also help you to maintain a positive disposition.

To do Kiatsu on the shoulder, start at the base of your collar bone and shoulderblade to the back of your neck. When you press right shoulder, bend your head to left. Then, send Ki to your right shoulder using your longer fingers. Send Ki 15 to 20 seconds at each spot. Change the position toward back of the neck. (photo 4)

photo 4

If you finish the right shoulder, do the same thing to your left shoulder.

If you suffer from severely stiff shoulders, do Kiatsu several times. You will feel the difference after practicing Kiatsu several times. You will be able to bend your neck more easily than before. In addition, because your blood circulation improves, you will feel much healthier.

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