Kiatsu on the stomach counteract the constipation and bad digestion alleviate menstrual cramps

When you do Kiatsu in the stomach area, press counterclockwise. Send Ki in the direction that food takes when passing through the intestines.

If you have digestive problem or pain with your abdomen, it is good for you to do Kiatsu to your stomach area daily. Kiatsu on the stomach helps to get over constipation, prevents many female diseases, such as uterine fibroid and endometriosis.

Good health of the stomach is the base of beauty. If you do not have constipation, do Kiatu on your stomach so that you can get fitness back to your mind and body.

To do kiatsu on the stomach area, lay on back first. Arrange the middle three fingers and put them very calmly on the top of your stomach.

Internal organs are very sensitive, therefore, you DO NOT push the stomach area forcefully. Also, you do not touch the navel.

The stomach moves up and down as you breathe. Match the movement and send Ki so that it naturally penetrates deeper.

Press each spot about one minute. Start from the top of the stomach, and continue to the bottom of the navel, lower abdomen, right side of the stomach (around appendix and upper appendix), upper stomach (around liver), left side of own stomach (upper belly), left side of lower abdomen always sending Ki with the movement of the stomach as you breathe.

If you have bad constipation, it is good to do this Kiatsu several times before going to bed or after waking up in the morning daily. If you do this, you can get over your constipation, and start the day feeling refreshed.

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