Lets start Ki breathing fifteen minutes a day to begin

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If you can do Ki breathing correctly, practice it everyday. Let's start Ki breathing fifteen minutes a day. By doing Ki breathing fifteen minutes, 70% of carbon dioxide in your body is removed and your body is filled with oxygen. Please look at your hand at this moment. Your skin will have changed and become healthier. Continue this for at least two weeks. When you master deep breathing by doing Ki breathing, your daily breathing will also become deeper.

Usually, a human breathes fifteen to twenty times in a minute. It will change when you will breathe four to five times a minute.

Besides doing Ki breathing sitting on a chair, you can do Ki breathing while sitting seiza, standing, or laying on the bed. Please make sure to check if your posture is correct and that you are coordinating mind and body.

Please do not do Ki breathing just after eating and during bathing because your blood circulation changes during these times. Otherwise, you can do Ki breathing anytime, anywhere and as much as you want.

You do not feel healthier immediately because you do Ki breathing today. If you do it everyday, you will become healthy in the process. This is Ki breathing. There is no rule on Ki breathing as to when in the day is better than other times. You can do Ki breathing anytime, anywhere and while sitting, standing or laying down. Please practice it in your daily life.

Use your time effectively and do Ki breathing when you are on the train, walking to shop, watching TV, or etc.

You can find time to do Ki breathing.

You need a strong will to accomplish any task. Even if you have learned an important thing, it is useless if you do not practice it. People who have weak wills may learn many good things, but they cannot continue their practice.

There are many people who succeed in their life by practicing keeping one point and using plus Ki. On the other hand, many people do not continue their practice for long.

You now know how to do Ki Breathing correctly. However, if you want to master correct Ki Breathing, you need to practice daily.

When you start this process, please change your mind to plus and practice it with a strong will.

Increasing living power

If you do Ki breathing, your living power will be activated and your mind and body will become plus.

Ki breathing is not only an exercise to exchange our breath it is also an important way to practice Ki.

"Breathe out so that your breath travels infinitely to the end of the Universe, breathe in so that your breath reaches your one point and continues infinitely there. " You breathe out and send your breath to the end of the Universe. Do not think your breath ends just in front of you. When you practice Ki breathing correctly, you will be able to send fresh Ki to your whole body.

When you breathe in, you breathe in the Ki of the Universe until it reaches your one point in the lower abdomen.

You will not notice any feeling of breathing as you exchange Ki with the Universe. At this moment, your body is filled with fresh Ki.

When you do Ki breathing, "you will feel that you are the Universe and that the Universe is you. It will lead you to the supreme ecstasy of being one with the Universe."

I usually do "Toitsu kinen no gyo" from December 31st, 11:30pm to January 1st,

0:30am and do Ki breathing to start the new year.

Many things will happen either good or bad within a year.

However, it is useless to look back and ponder the past. Breathe out good and bad things from the past, then fill yourself with fresh Ki and start the new year with a plus mind.

By doing Ki breathing, our mind becomes clear naturally.

About 12:00am, we forget ourselves and just practice Ki Breathing.

When we finish the exercise at 12:30am, everyone has a bright and happy face.

Everyone is thinking "Let's do everything while extending Ki."

New Year's day is important. At the beginning of the year, extend Ki and you can enjoy a good year.

How to do Ki breathing while lying on the bed

For sick person, it is okay to do Ki breathing while lying on the bed. When people lie down when sick, they have nothing to do besides think of things in a minus way and worry. This makes their life power weak.

It is good to do Ki breathing while lying on the bed. By doing Ki breathing to activate your life force, they will recover sooner.

I will teach you how to do Ki breathing while lying on the bed.

Lie flat on your back with your legs and arms naturally out straight.

It is okay to think keep one point, however, it is easier to think "weight is underside"

which is the 3rd principle of the Four major principles.

Because you are lying down, do not move your upper body. Practice Ki Breathing similarly as you would in any other position.

People who have heart diseases or serious diseases have difficulty taking long breaths. In this case, it is okay to practice breathing calmly. It is important not to force yourself but to breathe calmly in a way that you are comfortable. By doing this, your breath becomes calm and will become longer. You can resume practicing Ki breathing in your normal position once you have recovered.

Medical science has a tendency to only recognize what they can see using x-rays or tests to confirm what is observable.

Doctors tend to forget the invisible life force Ki and only judge the body. Medicine cannot create the life force. Medicine may help to maintain the life force. It is many times helpful to use the appropriate medicine. However, if the medicine makes your life force weaker, it is useless.

Before relying only on medicine, it is important to do Ki Breathing and build up your own living power. Medicine alone cannot cure you.

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