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Many people understand the importance of plus mind. However, it is not an easy thing to be plus mind always.

When we are in a state of minus mind, we do not realize it by ourselves. Before trying to keep plus mind, you should know your state of mind correctly. Ki breathing is important to know yourself. If you do Ki breathing everyday, your breath becomes calm, and your mind also becomes calm.

If your mind becomes calm like the calm still surface of the water, your mind reflects all things clearly. In this state, you can know your state of mind correctly whether you are in a minus state of mind or obsessed with something.

I teach this state of the mind as "Like the calm, still surface of the water that reflects the moon and a flying bird, true living calmness is the condition of our mind that reflects all things clearly."

The state of mind is similar to the surface of the water. When your mind is disturbed by worry, upset and nervousness, your mind is like water with many waves. This prevents you from seeing anything. If the surface of the water is calm, it reflects the moon as the moon and a bird as a bird like a mirror.

The most important thing is that we can realize the Universe. Let us live daily by calming our minds by practicing Ki breathing.

By doing this, it reminds us to have a mind thankful to the Universe and our mind becomes plus naturally.

There are not always good things in our lives. Even if your mind become plus, if some minor minus things happened, your mind can become minus easily. Therefore, not only practice being plus mind by Ki breathing but also you need training in your daily life to keep your mind plus.

Training, however, does not mean that you force yourself to think of minus matters as plus. This way of thinking creates stress for you and minus will call minus. Therefore, how can we train our minds to be plus?

You have a conscious mind which we can recognize and a subconscious mind which we cannot recognize. Subconscious mind is like the storehouse of the mind. The materials stored in the subconscious mind form the conscious mind. Generally, this is called action of the mind.

Therefore, even if you try to be plus minded on the surface, if your subconscious mind is minus, you can easily become minus. To change subconscious mind to plus, you will need daily practice.

The easiest practice is to use plus words in your daily life.

Words have a great power. The words you speak are spoken the closest to you.

Therefore, it deeply works with your subconscious mind.

If you say to your child "You are a failed child" again and again, it speaks for itself. However, you may carelessly say minus words to yourself, phrases such as "I cannot", "I hate" and so on.

If you say "I cannot" to yourself, this goes into your subconscious mind. Therefore, when you do something, you think "I cannot" first.

To keep plus mind always, you say plus words always. Even if you say minus words, you can alter your words.

When you change your subconscious mind to plus, you can realize things in a plus way naturally.

"Be natural" is very important. There is no stress when you are natural. If you just want to be positive without practicing to change your subconscious mind, you cannot change.

There are many ways to practice changing your subconscious mind to plus. One of the ways is for you to write, "I will be a plus minded person" on a sheet of paper and put it in your dining room or bed room. By seeing it everyday, it will have great effect. Another way is to say "You will be a positive person" to yourself in a mirror before going to bed. This is also very effective.

Even if these ways are so simple, many people will not do it. Many people ask me "How long should I do this?" I answer, "Until you will have changed." You need to do it for at least three months.

There is a lot of minus information that you are exposed to such as violent crime and criminal acts on the TV news or in the newspaper. Media need to report the truth, therefore, that will not change.

If you put minus information in your mind vaguely, it will have a minus influence on your body without you noticing. The minus stored in your subconscious mind will appear in certain situations.

It is very important to keep your subconscious mind plus for protecting yourself. The art of self-defense is not the only way to protect yourself. First, you need to calm your mind by practicing Ki breathing and be plus, furthermore, by practicing to change your subconscious mind everyday, you can master true plus life permanently.

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