Living calmness is our original and natural state

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The weight of every object naturally settles at its lowest point. Since the body of a man is also an object, if he relaxes completely, the weight of every part should naturally be settled at the lowest point.

Living calmness is a state where the weight of an object naturally settles underside. So, if a man relaxes completely, he can always remain calm. This is the third of the Four basic principles.

If you relax keeping the weight of your body at its lowest part, naturally your mind calms down.

The brain is always working while you are alive, you cannot eliminate the waves of the mind. It is impossible not to think anything.

The waves of the brain, can be calmed down by concentrating half infinitely.

The Human body is also an object. Therefore, if humans relax completely, it is natural to be calm.

You cannot always calm your mind when you choose to be calm. It is difficult to calm your mind without realizing what I explained earlier about weight underside. Even if you pray to God, "Please make my mind calm", you cannot be calm until the weight of an object naturally settles underside.

As I have already explained in a former chapter concerning correct posture, when you practice correct posture in standing, you stand on your toes with your heels off the ground and ease your heels down to the ground. When you practice correct posture when sitting, you rise on your knees then sit down lightly. If you relax your shoulder and arm, the weight of upper body settles to the one point in the lower abdomen naturally.

This condition is to relax completely and also the condition of keeping weight underside.

In this state, have someone test you by lifting your foot or arm so that you can understand the correct feeling. If your posture is very stable, this is living calmness. If you practice this in your daily life, your body will learn living calmness without thinking about it constantly.

Later, if you just say, "One point", you can be calm anytime.

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