Mr Shigeo Nagashima Japanese professional baseball player

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Koichi Tohei taught Mr. Nagashima, who was also a professional baseball player. He taught Mr. Nagashima how to hold the bat with Ki. Soon Mr. Nagashima began to understand. After that, he hit many home runs. After Mr. Nagashima retired from baseball, he became the coach of the Giants. When his team had slumped to bottom in the league, he sent all the baseball players in his team to the Ki dojo and asked them to study the principle of Ki from Koichi Tohei.

Koichi Tohei went to the US and Europe numerous times to teach Ki principles and Ki-Aikido in over 20 states in the US and all over the world.

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Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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