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Many people think that the plus way of thinking is important. On the other hand, there are people who think that the plus way of thinking gives poor results sometimes. Which is correct? The important point is to define "plus". I said that it is important to live according to the Universal principles. We should always think that "be plus" means true plus which is according to the Universe. To be plus according to the Universe is not a difficult thing. Sometimes, a plus thing for me is not a plus thing for others. If your benefit is a disbenefit for others, it is the same.

True plus is to be plus both for oneself and others. If only you become plus, something is wrong with your way of thinking or approach. By forcing your self-centered plus on to others, there will be objections and conflict. If you are a business person, you cannot prosper much if it is a disbenefit for your customer. Even if the business person earns a lot, if the business has environmentally destructive practices, the business will not last long.

Do not think pros and cons with selfish mind. We need to think of benefits for customers, as well as for the public benefit and the Universe. Currently the media talks about national benefit many times. Similarly, if one nation is only thinking of its own country's benefit, this is not true national benefit. The true national benefit needs to benefit other countries as well as our own country. If a nation seeks for only its own benefit, there will be conflict or war.

This is the same as our communication in daily life. Many people have similarly experienced this. If you tell something good to others but others do not agree with you. We can see many scenes like this when parents tell their children, "I am saying this for your benefit."

It is true that parents said something for their children. However, sometimes it is parent's hope not the children's hope.

Many times parents are unaware that they force their hope on children. If this occurs there will be conflict between the parents and children. Every human being recognizes things that are presented in a self-centered way. Therefore, we need to verify always if our own plus coincides with the universal plus. If your plus is only for yourself, your state of mind becomes self-centered, and you will always have conflict with others. If you cannot get along with others well even if you try to be plus mind, please evaluate to see if your plus is also plus for the Universe. This is the pitfall of thinking plus sometimes.

Some may say, "We need ego to grow". If this ego means the mind which is good for both you and others' growth, this is not ego.

How will we be able to know if own plus corresponds to the Universal plus? The Ki breathing will have a great role.

By practicing Ki breathing, your mind becomes calm, and your mind does not cling to any specific thoughts. If you do this you will realize if your way of thinking is correct or what you should do.

I define this state of mind as "Living calmness (Ochitsuki in Japanese)", and call this mind "Reiseishin (mind which is directly connected to the mind of the Universe)". During World War II, my life was saved many times by practicing Ki breathing. There was no time to practice Ki breathing sitting while on the battle field. Therefore, I practiced Ki breathing while marching. Usually, my mind got calm naturally, however, my mind did not get calm sometimes.

When my mind did not calm, I sent a solder out on reconnaissance immediately. Then we found the enemy's ambush always. I had experience of a calm mind, and I could identify dangerous situations.

Since returning from the World War II battle field, I have continued the practice of Ki breathing to this day. If my mind did not become calm even after I did Ki breathing, this was the sign of a dangerous or bad condition. Ki breathing saved my life so many times.

I have taught Ki principles to hundreds of business people at "Koichi Tohei's Ki Dojo

(seminar)" sponsored by Japan Management Consultants Association.

Business people need to make important decisions everyday. If those people make decisions with a self-centered mind, the results will always be wrong. If you make decisions according to the Universe, you can make decisions correctly.

By doing Ki breathing and calming your mind, you can always keep your mind calm.

Business people especially need to develop Reiseishin.

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