I reach the age of eighty-five this year. I have been teaching Ki breathing all over the world beginning with Japan, U.S.A., Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia etc.

If you do Ki breathing correctly, it will help you to overcome any kind of illness naturally. Most modern diseases are caused by lack of oxygen in the cell.

If your cells lack oxygen, you may have cold hands and feet, headaches, stiff shoulders, rough and/or dry skin. In addition you may experience problems with your tongue and nails or inflammation of the eyes.

It is easier to get cancer, cerebrovascular disease and dementia if your cells are lacking oxygen.

Therefore, it is important to bring fresh oxygen through every capillary vessel to maintain your health.

Modern people live with a lot of stress and they become irritated or upset. This causes blood vessels to contract and makes it difficult to bring fresh oxygen throughout the body effectively. Bad posture will also constrict blood flow. This is a weakness in modern people.

What kind of breathing exercise can we do to maintain our health?

There are many breathing methods in this world, such as Tanden breathing, Yogic breathing and so on. In some methods of breathing, exhale and inhale time are decided. In another method, you expand your lower abdomen when you inhale and hold in your lower abdomen when you exhale.

These breathing methods cause you to inhale strongly or stop your breath intentionally, or put strength in your lower abdomen. These breathing methods make your capillary vessels to contract making it difficult to carry oxygen throughout your body. They are just practicing deep breaths, which only exchange air in your lungs temporarily.

The breathing method that will carry fresh oxygen throughout your whole body is "Ki Breathing".

Ki breathing methods come from an old Shinto breathing called Misogi no Kokyuho "Nagayo no den". (Misogi breathing)

Based on the oneness of mind and body, I designed this breathing method to be whole body breathing and named it "Ki Breathing".

Characteristics of Ki breathing are breathing with oneness of mind and body, and to breathe naturally. Ki breathing does not require you to control you breath nor to stop your breath intentionally. You just breathe easily with a natural posture.

It is greatly misunderstood that if you strain in labored breathing, it is good for your health. It is difficult to continue labored breathing, however if the method of breathing is easy, natural and effective, anyone can continue.

The important thing is to know "What is natural?" "What is breathing naturally?" "How to breathe naturally?"

If you read this book through to the end, you will understand what is oneness of mind and body, and what is natural.

My hope is for all the people in the world to have a bright, happy life.

About thirty years ago, I founded "Ki no Kenkyukai (Ki Society)" to study Ki principles together.

We have many branches all over the world now. And I am very glad that many people practice Ki principles with great earnestness and have a positive life.

Those people who can come to these classes and practice Ki have a desire for truth, motivation and health.

There are many people who do not have the energy to attend class because they are suffering from disease or misfortune. I especially hope for these people to study Ki principles, become conscious of the great power that is naturally ours, and overcome their misfortunes.

It is difficult to study anything by oneself. If you study with your friends and encourage each other, you will be able to continue studying Ki principles. Therefore, I hope you will study Ki breathing with your companion and/or friends and continue the Ki breathing everyday.

It is my great pleasure that this book will help those people.

About forty years ago, I published a book, "KI IN DAILY LIFE" to the U.S. and

Europe. This book has been reprinted about several thousand every year in straight succession. And this remains a long seller book.

This book is based on the book, "KI IN DAILY LIFE". And concerning Ki breathing part, I have updated the way of teaching the Ki Breathing methods to be easy to understand for beginners.

Many people practice Ki breathing and they have proven the effectiveness of Ki breathing. There are many benefits.

  • Boost immune function (to activate life power and increase one's resistance to disease )
  • Relax both mind and body (both mind and body become calm)
  • Have good blood circulation whole body (improve cold feet and hands, inability to conceive)
  • Become healthy and have radiant skin ( gain your beauty)
  • Less stress (to be able to control your emotions)
  • Get high quality sleep (to improve apnea and fatigue)
  • Improve climacteric disorder, autonomic ataxia and depression (recover from disease of mind and body)
  • Having positive relationship in your home and office.
  • When your Subconscious mind becomes plus (realization of the dreams and success)

By doing Ki breathing, whole body's blood circulation becomes good. Therefore, people who have developed diabetes can lower the level of sugar in the blood. Also, you can recover from cold feet or hay fever. Broken bone recovers very fast. Hairline fracture will be cured in a few days.

By doing Ki breathing and Kiatsu therapy, many people recovered from cancer, after effect of brain infarct and cerebral apoplexy.

Mind becomes calm, therefore, you can get over autonomic ataxia or depression.

I will teach you Ki breathing based on oneness of mind and body in the book.

First, I will explain to you basic ways of thinking to understand Ki breathing. Then, I will teach you a posture which is a fundamental of the Ki breathing and Ki breathing itself. I hope as many readers as possible understand natural posture, natural breathing and natural life. And by doing Ki breathing, I hope you will live a more fulfilling life.

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