Koichi Tohei put emphasis on seminars for companies and the training of business people. Koichi Tohei taught over 400 businessmen who attended "Koichi Tohei's Ki Dojo", which was sponsored by Japan Management Consultants Association. And before Mr. Hideki Matsui went to the US, Koichi Tohei taught him Ki principles. Koichi Tohei taught him to send Ki to the tip of the bat and how to relax.

Koichi Tohei has taught Ki principles to many people over the years including a world famous pianist, photographers, artists, singers, Kabuki and Noh actors, calligraphers, philosophers, policemen, narcotic investigators, the body guard of President of the US, and more from throughout of the world. They learned Ki principles and they achieve remarkable success.

Especially Ki breathing is studied by many of these people. For example, narcotic investigators learn Ki breathing to ease their mental pressure from their cases. Also, musicians and opera singers also learn Ki breathing to develop her vocal skills. Photographers are also learning Ki breathing to be one with the Universe.

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