Self Kiatsu

I would like to describe "Kiatsu therapy (Kiatsu ryoho)" which I teach.

Kiatsu therapy is to send Ki into the body from the outside to strengthen a person's living power. If Ki is supplied from the outside, the person's life power strengthens which facilitates recovery from illnesses or injury.

When you do self-Kiatsu (You do Kiatsu therapy to yourself), it is important to practice oneness of mind and body, which is the natural posture. If you become tense as you press yourself, you cannot extend Ki. Anyone can do self-Kiatsu by putting their own fingers on their body while extending Ki and relaxing.

We have a word "teate" in Japanese. (literally means put hand on injury). When we feel ill, we put our hands on the part of the body that hurts naturally. At that time, we never push too hard on the painful place. You just send your mind (Ki) to the place where you experience pain. To put it plainly, this is Kiatsu therapy.

When the human body becomes sick, that part of the body becomes hard or painful. By putting your fingers while extending Ki on this place, it will become soft and the pain will gradually diminish.

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