The more you extend Ki the more you receive Ki

Some people think of Ki as a supernatural power.

However, Ki is not a supernatural power. Ki is the infinite energy which exists among us. It is important to apply Ki in your daily life. This is the key to have a better life. I use the word Ki in Kanji (Chinese character) like this (hereinafter called A) not using (hereinafter called B). I preside over Ki no Kenkyukai (Ki Society). And I also write Ki no Kenkyukai as . Why am I using A instead of B? A is the old way to express Ki in Kanji. So, some people may think I use this because I am old. But this is wrong. The kanji A is combination of meaning the universe and infinite. In the kanji B, the word is included. This means stop Ki. Therefore, I do not use kanji B because it does not express real meaning.

It is important to think about KI. Everyone says that they want to make the most out of life. What is a fulfilling life for you? If you have enough things, can you say you have a fulfilling life?

Work, life, money, love... there should be many answers.

I define a fulfilling life as the Universal Ki is fulfilling both our mind and body.

We are part of the Universe, therefore, it is natural that our KI and the Ki of the

Universe is always interchanging. We call this state as "ikiteiru" or "Ikioshiteiru" in

Japanese. And when we do this, we have vitality.

As I stated before, if our Ki and the Ki of the Universe is prevented from interchanging, we become bad condition. And if this interchange is stopped completely, we will die. We call this "iki o hikitoru" in Japanese.

If we extend Ki, we can receive fresh Ki from the Universe. And we can interchange

Ki between the Universe and ourselves.

Some people say that if we use Ki, Ki will be drained. Therefore, they seldom use Ki. We should not stop extending Ki. If we stop extending Ki, we cannot interchange our Ki with the Universe. If the water is stagnant, the water will go bad. However, flowing water will not go bad.

Ki is similar to water. Even if Ki appears to be stopping, Ki is always interchanging with the Universe. It is true that Ki can become depleted. However, it is also true that the more we use Ki, the more we receive Ki. If we interchange our Ki always with the Universe, our life power will be activated and we will become healthy. The Universe never stops. The Universe is always changing. However, we cannot feel this movement by our senses.

We are on the earth. The earth rotates daily and go around the sun. However, we hardly realize this.

If you are sitting in a chair without moving, your blood is circulating inside of your body. There is nothing which does not move in the Universe.

You can understand that it is unnatural to stop your Ki if you understand the principle of nature.

Breathing is similar, if you exhale, naturally breath comes in.

If you try to stop your breath intentionally, this is unnatural. By understanding this principle, you will be able to do Ki breathing comfortably.

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