To be plus when you are under adverse circumstances

A sick person is usually minus. A minus person tends to go to another minus person and say, "Are you also sick? I am suffering from this type of illness. It is hard to be sick, isn't it?" In this way, the person becomes more minus.

The more minus he is, the more plus he should seek from a strong healthy person.

Most people in a hospital are minus. Even a healthy person tends to become minus without knowing it if he stays in such a circumstance for a long time.

Under these circumstances one must try to extend Ki plus.

Let's say the man above you on the job or your teacher has to reprimand you. You take it in either as minus or a plus way.

You should realize that you are being corrected because you did something wrong. If you take it with a good will before being reprimanded, and resolve not to repeat the mistake, the cause of scolding will vanish. Later even if the teacher or the higher official reprimands you, you can use your plus Ki and take the correction as you should.

And you should not move your mind about this matter. There is no need to become downcast. The man who is scolding you will sympathize with your plus Ki, and without even knowing it, his Ki will become plus. He will lose all desire to be angry, and when he might find cause to reprimand you ten times, he will make do with only one or two.

On the other hand, you should not become minus by being hostile and resentful toward the reproving person. If you snivel and look as if you are about to burst in to tears, your minus attitude will transfer to the man reprimanding, who will become angrier than ever and reprimand you more than he should.

We always practice extend Ki in our Ki training.

Because we always practice plus Ki, the training hall is always filled with plus Ki. Someone who is not well or is actually too sick to engage in practice can change his own Ki from minus to plus by just coming to the training hall and watching and receiving part of the abundant supply of positive Ki.

Anyone who is not actively engaged in the training program and whose Ki becomes minus finds that it is extremely difficult to change back to plus. He can change it back if he has the help of the positive Ki of a large number of people.

When things are going well, anyone can easily keep himself positive. We have to discipline ourselves to change negative to positive when conditions are adverse. Since plus calls plus, a positive disposition can lead to a plus fate. Our Ki is interchanging with the Universal Ki. If we extend our Ki as much as possible, we can improve this interchange. We can extend Ki all that we like because the supply is inexhaustible.

Once we have made our Ki positive, we should not be satisfied with it. We should spread it to all people. If we make our effort like lighting our individual lights one by one, our effort becomes big power and we can illuminate the whole world.

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