To become one with the Universe Always keep one point in the lower abdomen

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Some people may wonder, "If we think one point in the lower abdomen always, we cannot do anything". I will answer this question.

It seems reasonable at first glance. However, always keeping one point in the lower abdomen does not mean always thinking the one point.

The one point in the lower abdomen is not a visible point but the point which is infinitely condensed. Even if your one point becomes too small to feel, when you concentrate, just continue.

Once you calm your mind in your lower abdomen, you can keep one point without thinking about it as long as you practice a natural posture.

Calm your mind in your one point in the lower abdomen. Your mind and body will become one with the universe naturally. It is important to check if you calm your mind in your one point in the lower abdomen before doing anything. Let's practice keeping one point in our daily movements when we are standing, sitting and walking. I emphasize this because it is important: keep one point does not mean to be continously think consciously of your lower abdomen. If you are constantly focusing on your lower abdomen, you will not be able to perform daily tasks correctly. When we keep one point, we feel relaxed. Once you understand this feeling, you can apply this feeling to you daily activities. This means to perform in the most natural state.

Sometimes our mind may be disturbed. If you feel that your mind is disturbed, you can practice "Keep one point" once again.

When you get angry or excited, you loose your one point in the lower abdomen. When you get tired or stiff shoulder, you loose your one point in many cases. In these cases, you can correct yourself and keep one point once again.

At first, we may tend to loose our one point and forget it easily. However, by practicing keep one point again and again, you can keep one point for longer periods of time. When you loose your one point, you will realize it instantly.

When you face important tasks, you need not be upset if you keep the one point.

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