To become one with the Universe Extend Ki

I have explained how to unify mind and body.

Keep one point, relax completely, and keep weight underside. They are all the same. If you understand this, the last principle is "Extend Ki". Our lives are a part of the Ki of the Universe.

As I explained before, when we say "This is my water" by holding a small amount of sea water in our hands, we surround a part of the Ki of the Universe with our body and say, "This is I".

When the Ki in our body interchanges with the Ki of the Universe, we are alive. When we extend Ki, a new supply of Ki flows into our body and the interchange is improved. It is our natural state that Ki is extending as long as we are alive. Then, how to extend Ki?

The state of extending Ki is that your Ki interchanges with the Ki of the Universe. To do this, it is important to use your mind positively. Do not draw the Ki of others to you but rather send Ki to others. Before thinking of what others can do for you, think what you can do for others. Ki flows into you by extending Ki.

Since this is a very simple principle, most people understand it conceptually but, they do not practice it. To extend Ki, first, you must think "Ki is extending". Then you can perform everything with this feeling.

Also, as I mentioned before, if you keep one point in the lower abdomen, your Ki naturally extends. To the contrary, if you loose your one point in the lower abdomen, you loose your ability to extend Ki.

Interchange of Ki between you and the Universe will be prevented by putting tension in your body. By realizing that you are also part of the Universe, you can relax correctly. The cause of tension in your body is to forget the Universe and thinking only of yourself.

The Four Basic Principles cannot be separated. If one of them is satisfied, all the other three are naturally attained. They are all one in the same. You can practice this from now. Even if you are very busy, you can do this in your daily life. I especially hope that those of you who are very busy and active practice the four basic principles.

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