To become one with the Universe Meaning of the one point in the lower abdomen

Let us think more deeply about the one point in the lower abdomen.

The Universe is a limitless circle or sphere with a limitless radius. Thus I can say that

I am the center of the Universe. Even if I take a step to the left, you cannot say that the Universe to my left side has become a step shorter. The Universe is still limitless.

But if I say I alone am the center of the Universe, it will be a mistake.

Everyone is the center of the Universe.

A limited circle has only one center but a limitless circle has as many centers as you want.

The Buddha taught this when he said, "Tenjo tenga yuiga dokuson" which means, "I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth. I am no man's man, but my own".

The Buddha also said, "Banbutsu ni busho ari," which means, "All things in the Universe have potential Buddhahood".

But in later ages the priests wrongly interpreted this to say, "Only Buddha is holy." The Universe condensed becomes myself. And further condensed, it becomes the one point in the lower abdomen.

The one point is not really a tangible point, but the point in which you infinitely condense by half and half and half in your mind. When it reaches the verge of being too small to be visualized, keep concentrating it in your mind and let it continue. This movement of infinite condensing results in calmness. This is the exact meaning of the one point in the lower abdomen.

When the one point is too small to feel, and you stop concentrating, it becomes dead calmness instead of living calmness.

Living calmness is the stable state containing infinite movements, and dead calmness is power without movement.

They look alike but fundamentally are different.

Nothing stops in this world. Mind is the same.

Dead calmness does not follow the principles of the Universe.

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