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Just as a bow kept strung loses its usefulness, so humans cannot maintain continuous tension. It is very important to relax in your life.

However, Children before an entrance exam often find themselves unable to answer questions that they could answer under normal circumstance. Athletes before big games sometimes tighten up and do poorly.

Why do people feel that it is impossible to relax when something important is happening?

First of all, this notion arises from the illusion that when one is relaxed, he is weak. The fact is that if you relax properly, you are very strong, as you will see from the examples we shall mention later. We relax at important and trying times because relaxation makes us strong.

Some people do not know how to relax and feel that they are unable to do so. To relax means to be at ease and leave things in their natural condition. We can relax if we can make things settle down in their proper places.

The proper place for the weight of the upper body to settle is the one point in the lower abdomen. First find the place, where the weight of the upper body naturally settles. Set it there, and relax the upper body. The weight of all the other parts of the body will settle down at their proper places for a state of over-all relaxation. If a man does not know the house to which he must return, even if you tell him to go home, he cannot. If you do not know the place in which to settle your strength, even if we tell you to relax, you cannot.

When you are trying to relax, and you do not know where to settle your strength, your strength remains in some part of your body. If you try to relax the shoulders, the belly is tense. If you try to relax your belly, your leg becomes tense. In this way some part of your body is always tense and you cannot relax completely. Mind moves body. Therefore, the root of being tense is in the state of your mind. Keep one point is the same as relax completely.

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