To grow strong in health

As I stated before, most of modern diseases are due to nervous problems. Most people disturb their own mind with small things, and capillary vessels contract, causing the body to tense.

This is like a traffic snarl-up on the highway. It causes problems with the flow of the blood and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Internal breathing cannot function well in this state. This may be the cause of many diseases.

Through your 20's, your living power is very active. However, after the age 50, your living power starts to decrease. If your living power decreases, you cannot maintain your health. There are many health problems that can arise as a result of decreased living power. This could result in having problems with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and liver diseases.

To maintain your health, it is important to do correct breathing and be able to have all your body working well.

When we eat food, we can remember eating and swallowing.

However, we can not perceive the stomach digesting foods, the hepatic degradation and the kidney ridding our body of impurities.

While we are sleeping, those activities are constantly in process. We do not consciously do it by ourselves. Who does this?

Neither science or medicine have a complete answer. We call it living power. It is more important to prevent fire than extinguish it.

Therefore, it is very important to activate your living power which is fundamental to your health.

When you do Ki breathing, all the capillary vessels open and the oxygen is sent to every part of your body. and Carbon dioxide is sent back to your lungs. This is just like a stove that burns cleanly. Oxygen will burn completely. The nourishment is completely metabolized and the life power is manifested. You will be able to grow strong and healthy.

I have been doing "Kan-Shugo (practice in winter)" at Ki Society Tokyo main office for a long time. We do Ki breathing from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, 5 days in late January, the coldest season in Japan.

We open all the windows in the room, men have their tops off and women wear T shirts and do Ki breathing sitting Seiza. The temperature is below zero. Usually, if we just sit in seiza for an hour in such an environment, our body will be freezing and would get sick.

However, if we do Ki breathing, blood circulation becomes very strong, and our whole body burns oxygen completely. Therefore, we barely feel the cold. We do not even get goose bumps. Many people even perspire.

There is an instance of a student suffering from nasal inflammation who became cured through this 5 days Ki breathing training in the winter. We can see the greatness of living power through this practice.

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