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Just as a year has only one New Year's day, a day has only one moment when you wake up in the morning.

If you awaken with an unpleasant feeling, without your being conscious of it, that feeling will stick with you and call forth minus Ki. It tends to make the entire day unpleasant. You will think to yourself, "I woke up this morning feeling heavy, and nothing has gone well all day.

Ki development is a training to develop a constant outpouring of plus Ki. You must call forth plus Ki when you get up in the morning. You should get into the habit of waking quickly, kicking back the covers, and jumping up the minute you awaken. Some people awaken and lie around refusing to get up. This is a habit that will cause you to become weak-willed.

First of all, at times like that, nothing distinct enters your mind. Your consciousness is vague and you are in a state of subservience to your instincts. Sleep is the time when the Ki of the Universe flows into your body, therefore, you should sleep soundly. But lying in bed after you have once awakened will not rest your body. You must jump straight out of the bed resolutely, then you can call forth the plus Ki that gets your day off to a positive start.

Doing this alone can do a great deal to strengthen your conscious power. Young people who intend to develop themselves, should be particularly careful to cultivate this habit.

When I was young, I was frail both in mind and in body.

Because I slept poorly at night, I was drowsy and tired in the morning and found it extremely difficult to get up.

Whatever I started, my perseverance would give out, and I would give up halfway. I thought it was all the fault of my physical weakness.

At sixteen, I got pleurisy and I spent a year in treatment but the illness got steadily worse. Now, when I think back on it, I realize that I gave in to the disease and with completely minus Ki retarded my own recovery.

I spent all my time worrying that maybe even if the sickness passed I would not recover completely. This caused me to not get any stronger.

In that one year of treatment, I had an opportunity to reflect on myself and see that I could not continue the way I had been going. I read a number of self-improvement books that that came my way. They made me realize that I had to do something to temper my own body. This was of tremendous benefit.

While I was reading one of the these books, I came to the full realization that my own will power was weak and that I had to discipline and strengthen it. "All right," I said, "Let's work on the will power". I resolved to work on it.

This at least is something that I could do. The doctor told me that I still could not exercise, so after a lot of thought, I decided on taking cold baths everyday. It was summer then, and the cold water was pleasant. Every morning I would leap up as soon as I awakened, run to the bathroom, and dash twenty or thirty buckets of cold water over my head and body. Then I would dry off and rub my body thoroughly with a dry towel. After a while, I would come conscious in the morning with the immediate idea of cold water. My head would clear up immediately. I would say to myself, "Lolling around in this warm bed will do you no good." My bad habits completely changed, and I slept like a log at night. Gradually, of course, autumn came. The temperatures dropped, the water got colder, but I never even thought of stopping my training. With no sign of suffering, I continued my cold baths all through the cold weather, and my body grew so much stronger that I could continue with my training.

Later, I trained and practiced Zen, misogi breathing and meditation while seated under a waterfall. I trained them and others diligently until I had mastered them. The cold baths were the first opportunity. My Ki became positive, and plus called forth more plus. I was blessed with fine teachers, and I reached the level where I could explain plus Ki to other people all over the world.

The important thing for young people who plan to start now developing for the future is to awaken in the morning, face the day with a positive attitude that, "I'm going to do my best."

The first step at departure leads to a thousand miles of progress. Put this discipline into practice, starting right now.

Replenish Ki when sleeping Sleeping is important to replenish Ki.

Human beings consume Ki constantly while awake. Everyone sees things, listens, smells, tastes and touches things by using their five senses.

All those actions are actions of Ki. Therefore, we need to replenish Ki which we have consumed. Sleeping and Ki breathing are the best way to replenish Ki efficiently. Sleeping is the action to replenish the Ki of the Universe.

At night, when we are asleep, the mind is calm. At that time, the Ki of the Universe fills our bodies. When we awaken after sleeping soundly, Ki is charged fully and our strength is renewed and we feel great.

However, if our brains are in turmoil rather than at rest, this will block an adequate flow of Ki. When we awaken in the morning, because our supply of Ki is not high, we cannot get up immediately and recover mentally and physically, even with10 hours of sleep.

Sleeping medicine reduces the sensitivity of the brain and makes people sleep. When the brain is calm and you sleep soundly, we can replenish the Ki of the universe. However, if you sleep with your brain in a state of dead calmness, you cannot replenish enough of your Ki.

If you regularly use a sleeping medicine because you can't sleep, you will become Ki deficient soon. You will feel listless and lose motivation for everything. Furthermore, you will lose your vitality and physical strength and become susceptible to diseases. Because you extend Ki, Ki will go into your mind and body.

An extremely high number of people disregard the need for sleep as a necessity to replenish the Ki of the Universe. They disregard the importance of their sleep time to work longer hours. They get an insufficient supply of Ki and get sick. They then have to use sleeping medicine or they cannot sleep at night. They are carelessly shortening their own lives.

Because people who learn correct Ki development always maintain the one point in the lower abdomen and keep a calm mind, they have no problems with falling asleep quickly. If you have ten or fifteen free minutes during the day and want to sleep, you should be able to sleep calmly.

Pour some water in a tub and stir it up. Now try to calm the water with your hands. You will succeed only in agitating it further. Let the water stand undisturbed a while, and it will calm down by itself.

The human brain works much the same way. When you think, you create waves in your mind. Trying to calm the waves by thinking is only a waste. People who cannot sleep and lie awake thinking, "Go to sleep, go sleep," are creating more turbulence in their mind.

It is difficult for them to sleep because, as they try to, they are constantly thinking and upsetting their minds. They trouble themselves with thoughts like, "If I don't get some sleep, I won't be able to work tomorrow," and then move on to even more useless reflections about things that are bothering them, until sleep becomes totally impossible. When your mind is upset, lie completely still, and it will calm down by itself. When your mind has calmed down sleep will come. The old habit of counting to ten until you fall asleep works on the same principle. You do not have to think about counting to ten, and while you repeat the series mechanically over and over, your mind calms down and you fall asleep. This could help sometimes.

On the other hand, many people find that this kind of simple trick does not work for them.

People of a nervous temperament cannot even count to ten simply, because they cannot stop thinking about the fact that no matter what they do, they can't fall asleep.

We have to maintain a firm conviction that if we cannot sleep, we might as well be awake. Humans cannot live without sleep, and sooner or later, it will come naturally. If you are really sleepy, you cannot stay awake. Suffering to put yourself to sleep is foolish. When you are awake, exercise sufficiently; and when you go to bed, you will be able to sleep. If you cannot sleep, do not feel that you absolutely must. Often the body's blood rushes to the head and makes it feel hot, leaving the feet cold resulting in making sleep difficult. From olden times, people have correctly held that the healthy way is to have a cool head and warm feet. If you follow this advice, you will find that you can sleep soundly.

In cases like these, practice shifting your concentration by calming your Ki into the one point in the lower abdomen. By doing this, you will be able to sleep soundly anytime, and replenish your Ki.

First, lie on your back with your hands and feet comfortably outstretched. Then, think with all your mind that the blood is continuously flowing down to the tips of your toes. "Mind moves body", therefore, it will do so. Your blood circulation will improve and your feet will become warm.

When you feel your feet become warm, you will fall asleep. Even before you feel your feet become warm, you many times will fall asleep.

Some people eat and/or drink just before going to bed. However, the purpose of sleeping is to rest both your mind and body fully. Ki is used to digest foods, therefore, Ki is not replenished fully.

The quality of sleep is decided by how well we can exchange Ki of the Universe. It is important to sleep with oneness of mind and body.

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