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These forms of martial arts are unique in the fact that the warrior cannot fight WITHOUT music. Music is required to keep the beat and in time. The reason being, they dance around, fighting...combining attacks with sometimes amazing and beautiful moves, sometimes not so beautiful, but still amazing. There are a variety of forms of Dancing Martial Arts, each with certain unique attacks.

Requirements: Requires the Acrobatics skill and the Dance skill. Skill Cost: 3 Other skills.

General: This form of martial arts usually centers around graceful twirls and leaps, meaning it has powerful kicking attacks. As well very high kicking attacks.

Outfit: The usual outfit for this type of warrior is a skin tight outfit, regardless of fabric. In addition males usually put a sock down the front of the pants.

LEVEL ADVANCEMENT BONUSES Level 1: 2 attacks per melee, +3 roll

Level 2: +4 Parry and Dodge, SuperHigh Kick ( Does 1D8 + lvl damage, Height Range (in feet): Spd + 1/2 lvls.)

Level 3: Kick does 1D8 damage

Level 4: +1 attack, Spin Dodge ( Once per melee the fighter do a spin dodge, avoiding any and ALL attacks aimed at them. The dodge requires NO use of actions. They can attack right after the dodge (or even during).) Level 5: Jump Kick (critical strike)

Level 6: Toe Kick (knocks opponent down on natural roll of 18, 19 or 20, victim loses 1 attack) Level 7: Critical Strike on natural roll of 19 or 20, SuperHigh Dropkick ( Does 1D8 + lvl + Spd damage, Height range: Same as above, but only applies when come down from high kick) Level 8: Leap Attack (critical strike, range: (Spd + 1/lvl) feet) Level 9: +1 attack

Level 10: +2 Parry and Dodge, Automatic Dodge on a natural 20 Level 11: +5 damage

Level 12: Knock-out/stun Kick on natural 17, 18, 19 or 20. Level 13: +1 attack

Level 14: Auto-dodge on natural 18, 19 or 20 Level 15: Death Blow on natural 20


Bartitsu is the creation of William Barton-Wright, an English engineer whose travels around the world fueled his interest in the arts of self defense. Barton-Wright was born in India, educated in Germany and France and travelled to Spain Portugal, Egypt, and Japan as part of his occupation. In 1899 upon his return to England he began combining Savate, Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, and Jujutsu in new ways and formulated them into a method of self defense that he called Bartitsu. Bartitsu became a small fad for a number of years, even the legendary Sherlock Holmes was said to have studied it, but unfortunately it died out. Ironicly, the Bartitisu fad was replaced with a Jujutsu boom the was led by the two Japanese Jujutsu teachers that William Barton-Wright had brought to England to help popularize his new art. Bartitsu uses the footwork and kicks of Savate to deal with attackers at long range. Moves into the footwork and punches of Boxing for combat range confrontations. Finally using the locks and holds of Wrestling and Jujutsu for defense at grappling distance.

The only school of Bartitsu can be found in London, England. Admission is limited to the members of the Bartitsu Conservation Society, which arose after Barton-Wright's death in 1950. Dedicated to preserving this eclectic art, the Society has a long, drawn-out initiation process that helps to weed out those who are not truly interested in this unique art.

Entrance Requirements: Must be "spoken for" by a current member of the Bartitsu Conservation Society.

Skill Cost: 5 Years (Exclusive)

Costume: A standard Judo Gi if practising, if not, a conservative suit

Stance: Strong side forward, standing in a natural stance, hands held at chin height.

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