Bishoudo The Way of the Dagger

Bishoudo is the creation of a master who lives in New York City. He began teaching students how to defend themselves with a minimum of weapons. This led to the development of a martial art that focuses on knives and kicks. Instruction is available only in NYC from the master. The knives, which have 6 inch blades, are often kept strapped to the individual's forearms and then allowed to slide into the hand when needed. Because of their extensive training, practitioners of this art can perform locks and holds even with knives in their hands. Entrance Requirements: None Skill Cost: 5 years

Costume: Street clothes, preferrably with loose sleeves

Stance: Weight balanced on the balls of the feet, front foot at 45 degree angle forward, back foot perpendicular. The forward arm's elbow is at a 90 degree angle with the hand roughly level with the shoulder, holding a knife in a reverse grip (blade towards the forearm), ready to slash, parry, or strike with the pommel. The back hand is drawn across the body, about chest level, with the other knife held in a normal grip, ready to thrust or stab.

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