These forms of martial arts are unique in the fact that the warrior cannot fight WITHOUT music. Music is required to keep the beat and in time. The reason being, they dance around, fighting...combining attacks with sometimes amazing and beautiful moves, sometimes not so beautiful, but still amazing. There are a variety of forms of Dancing Martial Arts, each with certain unique attacks.

Requirements: Gymnastics and Dance skills. Cost: 3 other skills.

General: This form usually centers around fast moves on the ground. Outfit: Stuff from the 80s (???)

LEVEL ADVANCEMENT BONUSES Level 1: 3 attacks per melee, +5 Roll Level 2: +1 Parry, +2 Dodge Level 3: Kick does 1D6 damage

Level 4: Drop Dodge ( With this, the Breakinist drops to the ground rolls away, successfully removing themself from direct HtH combat (rolls away 4-5 feet). No bonuses apply unless specifically stated above.)

Level 5: +1 attack, Entangle on natural 20

Level 6: Leg Sweep ( With this attack, the Breakinist drops to the ground and tries to take out their opponents legs and knock them down. Normal strike bonuses apply. Opponent is knocked down on a natural roll of (20 - lvl) to 20. If knocked down, opponent loses initiative and 1 attack.)

Level 7: Ground Kick ( This attack happens when the character is already on the ground. What they do is pop up with both feet out in front. Damage is decent, and opponent may be knocked down.

Damage: 1D6 + Spd. Knockdown on natural 18,19 or 20.)

Level 8: Leap Kick (critical strike, range = Spd attr)

Level 9: Critical Strike on natural 19 or 20, Entangle on natrual 17, 18, 19or 20

Level 11: +3 damage

Level 13: Knock-out/stun on natural 20

Level 14: +1 attack

Level 15: Entangle on successful strike (no bonuses, must be called).

Capoiera (EXCLUSIVE)

Capoiera is a Brazilian martial art form that comes from African decent. It is very fluent and consists of rhythmic motions. In it's dance like movement the master will use a combination of kicks and punches to counter his opponent moves and to strike the opponent when he or she is off balance.

Entrance Requirements: P.P. 14, Spd. 12, a high PS is suggested but not required. Skill Cost: 7 years

Costume: Loose fitting pants, with or without a shirt.

Stance: One leg forward the other back arms slightly out to the sides. The martial artist will move in a circular dance like motion called a jinga.

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