Capoiera Exclusive

By Kuseru

Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, was born in the "senzalas", where African slaves were kept. Capoeira blends elements of dance, music, rituals, acrobatics, and fighting. It is primarily a stylized dance, practiced in a circle called the "roda", with percussion instruments providing sound. In addition to unarmed techniques, weapons are taught; "maculele", done with blades, and "maracatu", done with sticks. It is very common for a capoeirista to have two or three nicknames. When a person is "baptized" into the art of Capoeira, they are given a nickname.

When a roda is formed, music is played, and spectators clap and sing while two fighters do battle in the center. The music is made by a leading instrument, the berimbau (one stringed, bow shaped instrument with a gourd attached to one end to give resonance). Also played are an atabaque(drum), and a pandeiro (tambourine).

Entrance Requirements: No Alignment Restrictions. Minimum Attributes are: P.S.: 8, P.P.: 10, P.E.:

Skill Cost: 8 years.

Costume: Loose fitting cotton pants and belt.

Stance: Balanto--Actually a movement where the body rocks back and forth as the weight shifts from leg to leg.

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