Combat Skills

Attacks per Melee: 2 Escape Moves: Maintain Balance, Get Up( This ability lets the character to get up while in full armor and use only 1 action. Out of armor the character can get up with out using an action (automatic kick-up so to speak ) Basic Defenses: Dodge, Parry, Auto Parry

Advanced Defenses: Power Parry, Take (Take a blow to the armor, used usually if striker rolls above AR), Glance (Used to Parry bullets and Projectiles, will take % damage from bullets if successful parry is made)

Hand Attacks: Strike (Punch/Claw), Power Punch, Back Hand, Turn Punch Basic Foot Attacks: Stomp (2D6+1/2 PS Bonus to Foot of opponent), Kick (1D6) Special Attacks: Head Butt, Combined Parry/Stomp, Bear Swipe (2D6 +PS), Catch Strike (Parry a Fist, Foot, or other extremity by catching it, then the character proceeds to attempt and Crush that part in his bear hands and claws of the armor

  • with claws: 3D4+1/4 of PS min. of 1)
  • Without claws: 1D6+1/4 of PS min. of 1)

Weapon Katas:W.P Claw Paired, W.P Gauntlet Swords Paired

Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Automatic KO on a natural 20 (like boxing), Critical Strike on natural roll of 19-20, Critical Strike from Behind.

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