Combat Skills Attacks per Melee

Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Maintain Balance Basic Defense Moves: Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry

Hand Attacks: Strike ( Punch ), Power Punch, Roundhouse Punch ( 1D10 damage ), Palm Strike, Backhand

Special Attacks: Death Blow, Knee, Forearm, Elbow, Simultaneous Attack, Ear Box ( SPECIAL! The character slams both of his fists into the opponent's ears. Requires a strike roll of 12 or better. Inflicts 2D6 damage, and the victim must save versus pain, with a 14 or better, or lose initiative and two melee attacks for 1D4 melee rounds. There is a damage x3% chance that the victim will be rendered permanently deaf ).

Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Knock-Out/Stun, Critical Strike, Critical Strike from rear Special Katas

The Flurry: This is very similar to the Muay Thai kata, Lightning Form. The Kydian is able to deliver all of his attacks for the melee round on his first attack. This must be his first attack, and he must have initiative. After he uses his attacks, he cannot dodge, and suffers a -3 penalty to Parry for the remainder of the melee round.

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