Combat Skills Attacks per Melee

Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Maintain Balance Basic Defense Moves: Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry

Advanced Defenses: Disarm, Multiple Dodge, Combination Parry/Attack, Counterthrow (New! Special! After the Bartitsu stylist has been thrown by an oponent, he holds on and rides the throw to a point where he can throw the person who threw him.) Hand Attacks: Strike (Punch), Hook Punch, Uppercut Basic Foot Attacks: Kick Attack, Snap Kick, Trip/Leghook

Special Attacks: Elbow, Knee, Deathblow, Bodyblock/Tackle, Joint Throw, Pickup, Hand Throw Weapon Katas: W.P. Cane

Holds/Locks: Arm Hold, Leg Hold, Body Hold, Neck Hold, Wrist Lock, Ankle Lock

Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Knockout/Stun, Critical Strike, Knockout/Stun from Behind, Critical

Strike from Behind

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