Combat Skills Attacks per Melee

Escape Moves: Roll w/Punch/Eall/Impact, Backflip, Cartwheel Attack Moves: Backflip, Handstand, Cartwheel Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, Automatic Dodge Advanced Defenses: Multiple Dodge, Breakfall Hand Attacks: Strike (Punch), Knife Hand, Back Hand

Basic Foot Attacks: Trip/Leghook, Backward Sweep, Kick Attack, Crescent Kick, Wheel Kick, Axe Kick, Reverse Turning Kick, Drop kick, Roundhouse Kick

Jumping Foot Attacks: Jump Kick, Armada with Martelo (NEW! Combination Wheel kick/Jumping

Roundhouse, Must be 1st and only attack, does 1D8+1D10)

Special Attacks: Knee, Elbow, Headbutt, Eye Poke, Ear Slap, Double Ear Slap

Modifiers to Attack: Pull Punch, Pull Kick, Critical Strike, Critical Strike from Rear

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