Dekigoto Jutsu Ryu Art of the Accident School

By Ray Bull

Note: Due to the excessive amount of martial arts powers gained from this style, Dekigoto Jutsu Ryu counts as 3 martial arts.

Founded in the 1950's during the post-war rebuilding of Japan by a Chinese Sangokujin (black marketeer) and a Nukenin (renegade ninja) Chunin, this style is a blend of Drunken Kung Fu and Ninjutsu. Designed for use by assassins, it has kept up with modern trends. The weapon proficiency in pistol and the demolition skill are examples of this modernization. The Dekigoto Jutsu Ryu stylist will ignore the notion of "honorable" combat. They instead seek every means to gain total advantage in a fight. Attacking from concealment, weapons, traps, and poison are all possible combat tools for a follower of this style.

The current "home" of the Dekigoto Jutsu Ryu can be found in an office building in downtown Tokyo, although this is just a front to screen possible applicants and clients. The real training ground is a farm on the northern tip of Hokkaido. To gain entry to the Dekigoto Jutsu Ryu one must pass a grueling week-long battery of tests, similar to several special forces groups entry "exams", devised by the current, and past, masters of the school.

Entrance Requirements: Evil alignments only, M.E.:10, P.S.:10, P.E.:10 Skill Cost: 15 Years (Exclusive)

Costume: None. The students of Dekigoto Jutsu Ryu change disguises, and clothing, frequently. Stance: None

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