Dwarven Wrestling

By danzig138

All children wrestle around, and dwarven children are no different. And like humans, dwarves have developed this into a sport. But unlike humans, almost all dwarves have an interest in wrestling, so the sport was developed until it was a viable combat form. It even has special moves for fighting big people.

Wrestling is the most common of the sports practiced by the dwarven people, and it is practiced equally between men and women. Dwarven wrestling matches take place in a marked-off ring, about 20 feet in diameter. There are three divisions, Basic, Standard, and Advanced.

In Basic matches, the match is fought until one of the contenders surrenders, or is thrown out of the ring three times. Eye gouging and hits to the joints or groin are not allowed, and the participants are allowed a 15 second rest period every two minutes.

In Advanced matches, all attacks are allowed, and matches last until one person surrenders, or is knocked out. And there are no rest periods. Also, in advanced matches, men and women competeagainst each other.

Entrance Requirements: None, but high P.S., P.P., and P.E. are recommended.

Skill Cost: 4 years ( 9 years for a Big Person if they happen to find a teacher ).

Stance: Feet are spread shoulders-width apart. The wrestler is hunched over slightly, with his elbows tucked close to his body, and his hands out, with fingers spread wide.

Costume: In Basic matches, the wrestlers wear a loin cloth. In Standard matches, they wear loincloths, and they are allowed to wear thick, reinforcing leather bands on their heads, knees, and hands ( +1 damage ). In Advanced matches, they wear loincloths, and often wear spiked gloves, knee and shin guards, elbow guards, and studded headbands.

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