Hand to Hand Commando Revised

O.C.C. Restriction(Special!): Available only to special military personnel and is not a general combat skill.

Skill Cost: Five "other" skills, or as noted under O.C.C. Skills section.

Techniques Known at First Level: Punch (1D4 damage), backhand strike (1D4 damage), kick attack (1D8 damage), snap kick (1D6 damage), body flip/throw (1D6 damage) body block/tackle (1D4 damage), automatic parry, disarm, roll with punch, and the usual strike, parry, and dodge. Special Attacks: Elbow strike (1D4 damage), knee strike (1D6 damage), automatic parry/attak, automatic parry/disarm.

Locks/Holds: Arm hold, body hold, neck hold, wrist lock, arm lock, choke.

Modifiers to Attacks: Pull punch, knock-out/stun, critical body flip/throw, critical strike, death blow.

Additional Skills: Paired Weapons (special!): Choose one paired weapons proficiency at levels one, three, seven and ten.

Level Advancement Bonuses:

Level 1: Add two additional attacks per melee, +2 to save vs horror factor and pain, +1 to save vs heat and cold, critical strike or critical flip/throw on natural 20, knock-out stun on natural 20.

Level 2: Learns backward sweep (knockdown), +1 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, +3 to roll with punch/fall/impact, +3 to pull punch.

Level 4: Add one additional attack per melee, learns Karate kick attack (2D6 damage). Level 5: Learns automatic dodge, critical flip/throw on natural 18 to 20

Level 6: +2 on intiative, +1 to strike, parry, and dodge, +1 to body flip/throw, critical strike on natural 18 to 20.

Level 7: +2 to damage, +1 to save vs horror factor, +1 to disarm, +1 to dodge, +2 to pull punch.

Level 8: Add one additional attack per melee,learns jump kick (automatic critical strike; 1D8 damage), +1

to body flip/throw, +1 to roll with punch/fall/impact.

Level 9: Death blow on natural 18 to 20!

Level 10: +2 to save vs horror factor, +1 on initiative, +1 to strike.

Level 11: +1 to disarm, +1 to pull punch, +1 to body flip/throw.

Level 13: Add one additional attack per melee.

Level 14: Knock-out/stun on natural 19 or 20.

Level 15: Critical strike on natural 17 to 20.

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