Hand to Hand Expert Revised

By JJ Fuzz

Skill Cost: Two "other" skills, or as noted under O.C.C. Skills section.

Techniques Known at First Level: Punch (1D4 damage), backhand strike (1D4 damage), palm strike (1D6 damage), kick attack (1D6+1 damage), snap kick (1D6 damage), tripping/leg hooks Special Attacks: Knee and elbow strikes (1D6 damage), forearms strike (1D4 damage), body flip/throw. Locks/Holds: Arm hold.

Modifiers to Attacks: Pull punch, knock-out/stun, critical strike, critical strike from behind, death blow. Character Bonuses: +1 to P.S. and +2 to Spd, +1D6 to S.D.C. Additional Skills: None Level Advancement Bonuses:

Level 1: Add two additional attacks per melee, +2 to roll with punch/fall/impact, +2 to pull strike, critical strike on natural 20.

Level 2: +3 to parry and dodge.

Level 3: +2 to strike, +1 on initiative.

Level 4: Add one additional attack per melee.

Level 5: +1 on initiative, front kick attack does 2D4 damage and can learn two kick attacks of choice.

Level 6: Critical strike on natural 18 to 20, +1 to body flip/throw

Level 7: Select one ancient Paired Weapons skill.

Level 8: +1 on initiative, +2 to disarm, critical strike from behind.

Level 9: Add one additional attack per melee.

Level 11: Knock-out/stun on natural 18 to 20, +1 to body flip/throw. Level 12: +2 to parry and dodge.

Level 13: Critical strike or knock-out from behind (triple damage). Level 14: Add one additional attack per melee, +1 on initiative. Level 15: Death blow on natural 19 or 20.

Shotokan Karate stylists practice the basics of the style over and over again. The katas of Shotokan can be intricate, but the followers of this style tend to rely on simple moves rather than flashy ones. This reliance on the basics does not make them less dangerous, but more, as they react with well practised speed.

Entrance Requirements: None

Skill Cost: 10 years (Primary), 5 years (Secondary)

Costume: Standard Karate Gi

Stance: Body turned side on to opponent, legs set twice shoulder width and bent parallel to the floor at the knees.

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